Our Startups

Here is a handful of the Nordic startups we represent, everybody is welcome to join but only a few will make it to the “Star Track” getting our full attention and support to grow internationally.
See filmed pitches of a few of them at Vimeo.com

The leading provider of Bluetooth and Cloud based real time locating systems for elderly.
Aava Mobile
Tablets and handhelds for semi-professional and professional markets. Our offering includes customer-specific tablet and handheld developments as well Aava roadmap products for various vertical markets.
We create native customized applications for smartphones and tablets in the medical & health industry. We have focused a lot on smart interactive solutions for boths doctors and personell in the cliniques but also for good use for the patients.
Apptimate is the most secure development and delivery platform for mobile communication and positioning. Communication for any high-level data objects, encrypted point to point with no data stored on our servers.
Biosync Technology
Biosync Technology is a tool for daily life stress measurement and self-reflection. The system offers great potential in various application e.g. cost savings by primary and secondary prevention of stress related diseases. We have a strong focus on Innovation and R&D in order to combine accurate measurement with Biosensors, unique Algorithm for data analysis and interactive User Interface to deliver meaningful insights and make them actionable.
Capricode offers a cost-effective Mobile Application and Device Management software SyncShield® for enterprises. SyncShield is delivered as a service via SyncShield Cloud or as an In-House solution.
CareTelCom supply tools, systems and services based on on-line wireless health monitoring and interaction, aiming at increasing quality of life for individuals and cost efficiency for care providers, pharma industry, payers and others.
App that helps you optimize your training schedule by knowing when to work out and when to recover.
We build services that turn personal female health data into global insights. Our goal is to give women (and their partners) a way to track and discover the unique patterns in their cycle, for every stage of life. We believe that technology, connected to the mobile phone, is the future of family planning.
Coala Life 
Coala Life is a Swedish digital health venture in the field of monitoring the heart. They make it possible for everyone to follow their heart with the Coala wireless device and cloud-based service. This is a unique solution for enabling early detection of heart disease, alleviating anxiety and reducing the financial burden on healthcare.
CollaboDoc has developed a ”light acute care” concept for Primary Care including a cloud based digital process tool. The CollaboDoc concept has almost doubled the doctors efficiency, increased the patients face-time with the doctors, and reduced the administrative burden to a minimum.
Code-Q Ltd is a Finnish software company focusing on speech recognition technologies and related consultation services – Turnkey solutions for automatic speech recognition. Voice recognition ”small” languages (Finnish, Swedish, Danish etc.) and system for hands free operation of mobile devices. Initially combined for elderly, MS and ALS patients in Finland. Team of serial entrepreneurs and developers. Currently available in Finnish and English (US) on Android platforms.
The global leader in advancing security and robustness. Our solutions work to strenghten business performance by finding and addressing the weakest security links.
CR Competence
We are a team of innovative experts with a background in chemistry and physics. Together, we create new possibilities for our customers based on science. From the benefit of working with a broad range of seemingly different questions simultaneously new outcomes are possible.
Cross Technology Solutions
LifePod ®- Remote, automatic follow up and priority selection of patients – Individual and large populations. Monitors remote patient populations by recording important healthcare, lifestyle behavior, PROM-outcomes and compliance to medical recommendations. By applying algorithms the platform automatically prioritizes and selects those patients with the greatest need for direct medical attention in real-time. Currently in operation, since one year, in clinical trial at two Cardiovascular clinics at Lund University Hospital – SUS.
DIANOVATOR AB is a start-up in diabetes technology. We develop a patient-specific decision support system for improved glycemic control by optimized insulin dosing. Our target audience is patients receiving insulin therapy using insulin pens or insulin pumps. Our product can help them achieve a better control, thereby reducing anxiety and lowering the risk of short and long term complications associated with poor glycemic control. Our system relies on established proven sensor technology already available on the market.
Intelligent solutions for digital identity management and identity-based services.
Dr Maombi
Our mission is to bridge the gap between patients living in rural areas of developing countries and doctors in city hospitals.
With interactive learning modules and customized challenges eDiabeat makes the life with diabetes a little bit easier, safer and more fun.
Intelligent bed monitor that continuously monitors movements and alerts upon the onset of repetitive muscle spasms.
EWA Solutions
Ewa Home (Ewa Solutions AB) is a privately owned Scandinavian based company that aim to offer great smart home solutions that brings the internet of things (IOT) to every ones doorstep today.
Exini Diagnostics
EXINI Diagnostics provides advanced software for image analysis, increasing accuracy and improving clinical time-flow when treating e.g. advanced prostate cancer.
Forward Looking Vision
Flovv develops and provides an effective treatment for depression based on brain stimulation and data-driven app-based behavioral activation therapy, avoiding the many severe side effects of antidepressants.
High accuracy, wireless, real time self-operated muscle emg-monitoring. For training, trauma recovery monitoring, diagnosis support. Initial market focus: Sport&Fitness. Wearable prototype and app available. Strong team: physiology experts and ex-Nokians.
Fysiotest Europa AB
Fysiotest create healthier organizations by developing the coworkers well-being. Fysiotest’s Health Management Program is a unique solution consisting of prominent health measurement, analysis, personal advice as well as training and nutrition plans tailored for the individual. All presented in an attractive digital environment for monitoring.
Gnosco deliver Dermicus - an easy-to-use, flexible and secure decision support system for skin cancer and wounds. The platform is specifically aimed for communication between healthcare providers and the effect is a faster and more efficient medical process and improved patient experience.  
Haltian designs & develops new connected products to customers who demand exceptional quality.
Innovation push
To develop, market and sell a smartphone-based personal-/social alarm aimed to meet the needs of lone workers and elderly. This is achieved by taking advantages of smartphone technology together with seamless integrations of external hardware and built-in sensor technology. As a market leading service provider we deliver cutting-edge products with advanced security and e-health features, we increase the safety and health of our customers.
iPiit is an app that guides you in the jungle of food products and advise you according to your preferences. When you scan the barcode, the app will tell you if it is OK for you to eat it and other relevant information.
iSTOC drives rapid testing market in the life science field by expanding the functionality and business models of consumer-based products, while capitalizing on mobile devices and cloud services.
Kide Group
A modern, secure and simple way to manage clinical imaging and telemedicine. We have developed our products to match current and especially future requirements for clinical imaging. Our solutions work in any operating system and device, they have simple and universal interfaces, they are easily customizable and they are secure.
Laturi develops tools for businesses who offer corporate fitness services. We believe that physical fitness is the foundation upon which a business can build a productive and profitable future.
Learning to Sleep
A better day starts with taking control of your night. Learning to Sleep make people sleep better through clinically proven cognitive behaviour therapy. The company is a pioneer in mobile health and released their first mobile application on App Store already 2011 with >40000 downloads. Today Learning to Sleep are market leaders in Sweden in its field and focuses on international growth.
Magnea develops advanced motion detection technologies for healthcare and elderly care services. By identifying small and specific movements, Magnea encourages patients to be physically active which is vital for their health. In addition, care staff will get an objective method to measure, track and analyse physical activity, which today is done manually.
Mawell is a leading eHealth provider. We deliver innovative applications based on our products as well as expertise to public and private healthcare and welfare organizations.
We provide health care professionals with new wireless tools that facilitate their tasks at hospitals, health centres and treatment facilities.
Medieta is a pioneering biomedical company specialised in medical innovation, data processing and data analysis. We provide technologically sophisticated solutions for early risk detection in healthcare.
Mediracer develops Point of Care products in the field of clinical neurophysiology for patient examinations adapted to the needs of primary health care.
Mevia develops intelligent solutions for the healthcare industry. We aim to connect patients, healthcare and relatives to allow all to benefit from personalized healthcare.
Miiskin is a mobile health company offering easy self-monitoring of skin changes to people with skin cancer and melanoma concerns. A billion dollar skin cancer industry open for digital disruption – reaching millions of users and patients through mobile low-cost services. Miiskin have had +100% growth per month in the last 5 months in a row!
Mindfulness Center
Mindfulness training helps you find a way out of the rat race and create a life in balance - simply to feel better! We have programs that make it easy for you to practise! Research shows that as little as 10 minutes a day is effective, so try it for yourself and see!
Neagen combines its strengths in medical image processing, standards and modern web technologies, thus we can present you the most advanced cloud-based imaging system.
At Nerve we develop intelligent self-care tools and solutions for people who aim to take control and improve their lives even if they live with a chronic condition. Nerve aims to help empower people with realtime actionable knowledge about themselves and how they can use this knowledge to improve the quality of their daily living.
Nocturea (Prostaguard)
Ogon offers an easy accessible and cost effective solution for 3-D distribution using standard displays. This is a great solution for improved visual communication and VR distribution already used by numerous companies in the medical and and health field including AstraZeneca, Bayer, Merck, Nobel Biocare, and Roche. Usage areas include education and training, marketing and communication, as well as in treatment and analysing products and solutions.
Optomed is a medical technology company that specializes in digital imaging devices both for human and veterinary medicine.
Poikos has developed unique proprietary technology that enables full 3D body measurement without special hardware.
ProWellness provides its customers with advanced regional IT solutions for preventing and monitoring chronic diseases as well as managing and evaluating the care of chronic diseases.
Nordens ledande psykologföretag inom KBT och TBA.
Rodolfo de Leon
SidekickHealth is a health engagement and analytics platform created by experts from Harvard and MIT. The platform combines highly gamified engagement methods with health screening and analytics targeted towards the new and fast-growing multi-billion dollar market of chronic disease programs.
Stroke alarm
Stroke Alarm – early phase development and clinical testing of a wearable device indicating stroke. Founded by professor Johan Wasselius, interventional radiologist in the stroke-team at Lund University Hospital, Sweden. Supported by Telia Healthcare and Svep Design Center.
Our aim is to help people with their day-to-day stress and performing better at their workplace and other health activities. Precise & real time stress monitoring is possible by using our smart app.
Susano AB
Utrednings- och bedömningsverksamhet inom arbetslivsinriktad rehabilitering. Företaget har under åren tagit fram standardiserade arbetsmetoder. Dessa förenar högkvalitativa djupanalyser med effektiva och mätbara analysverktyg som skapar tydliga beslutsunderlag för våra uppdragsgivare.
Talkamatic is a world leader in conversational interfaces and dialogue systems. TDM™ is our product that enables more advanced multi-language dialogue solutions to be delivered in faster and more cost effective ways. We have worked with several projects in the medical- and health fields and have very positive experience from the great advantages that conversational interfaces can add to easing a work burden and improving patient communication compared to traditional graphical user interfaces.
Trialbee – a Red Herring Europe Top 100 Winner – is an expert in mobile patient recruitment, focusing clinical trial planning and management. Trialbee provides pharma-ceutical companies accurate and effective patient recruitment. The cloud based solution combines smart technology with a unique methodology, enabling all stakeholders to easily communicate and collaborate on a joint platform and accelerate the clinical trial process. E-recruitment, study retention and EDC (Electronic Data Collection/Capture).
Tryggel is a simple elderly home care solution without any additional hardware installation in the living area needed. Instead Tryggel connects directly to the electricity meter and monitors if home appliances, as kettles, stoves or washing machines for example are used regularly. Thereby we identify if a person is following its daily routines or not and alert relatives or caregivers if necessary.
Tummy Lab
Tummy Lab – a smartphone app for IBS (Irritable bowel syndrome) patients to register food intake and symptoms, and get personalized diet advice based on machine learning findings. IBS occurs amongst at least 10% of the population worldwide. There is no effective drug treatment. Patients are frequently advised to keep a foods and symptoms diary to identify patterns manually, a lifelong struggle. Tummy Lab greatly simplifies the task, by detecting which foods are causing problems. The initial focus is the consumer market. World renowned IBS researchers and clinicians are involved, with plans of using Tummy Lab in their practice. Founders are agile and passionate serial entrepreneurs/developers. They previously made Forza Football, an app that broke into the saturated sports segment, attracting millions of active users, with a consistent retention rate above 50%.
App platform for small personal health improvements. Twiik är en tjänst för personlig hälsa och utveckling. Vi erbjuder digitala verktyg och program via smartphones, läsplattor och laptops för alla som vill skapa en förändring i sin hälsoutveckling.
Valkee channels bright light directly to the light-sensitive brain areas and can help you maintain your energy levels, keep up the good mood, reduce need for excess sleep, and fight cravings for sweets.
Vårdsmart empower and supports patients throughout the entire care process, inform and remind patients of critical activities and enables remote recovery monitoring.